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For Teachers / Staff : Learn how to host and manage online classes for your students using the School Portal's E-learning / Hybrid Classroom system here.
See Guide
For Students / Parents : Learn how to access the Portal's E-learning / Hybrid Classroom here.
See Guide
  • Sign in to your portal account (as a student or parent).
  • If signed in as a parent, click on your ward's name to proceed to his/her area in your account.
  • From the Results menu click View Results...
  • Select the academic session and the result you want to view.
  • If scratch card is required, type in the scratch card PIN and Serial Number (Alternalively, click "View My Scratch Cards" and select an appropriate scratch card from the cards displayed).
  • Click Check Result and the result will be displayed.
  • If you wish to print the result, scroll down and click Print Result.
  • You can click to send the result as PDF to your email or any other email address.
  • You can also click to view or download the result as PDF.
Student:   Once you are registered as a student on the school portal by the school's ICT Unit, your account information is sent to the email address associated with your student account.
You can also approach the school's ICT Unit to get your account login details.

Parent / Guardian / Sponsor:   An account is created for you at the point of your ward's registration on the school portal. The account information is sent to the email address associated with your account.
If your ward is a duly registered student and you are yet to get your account login information, kindly contact the school.

School Staff:   Contact the ICT Unit.

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